Monday, February 28, 2011

Greenwich Ham and Cheese Pizza

I went out this afternoon to pay some bills and buy some toiletries for me and my son, I got caught up in the flood of students making their way home so I decided to stay in the nearby mall for a while. I was too lazy (nothing's new) to walk around and window shop, so I decided to lounge in the comfy couches of Greenwich, of course, I can't do that without ordering something, so I opted for some classic Ham and Cheese and the thought of staying for a little while prompted me to take it in double (the regular sized ones will be too small and will not bid me time *grins*). It turned out to be too big for my appetite so it became a take home treat for my son, nakatipid ako sa pasalubong, hahaha.

What's your favorite pizza variant?

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  1. this is the only thing I order in Greenwich, aside from the lasagna. But we havent been there for years now.


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