Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lunch at Golden Fortune

Papercrane and I met last April 11 at Caloocan City, I did some school hunting as I plan to transfer my son to a different school, somewhere near our place, somewhere in Navotas - Malabon area will be nice, my son is currently enrolled in CentEx, which is located in Manila, and I'm telling you coming and going plus prep time took it's toll on me, on us. Anyway, I was on my way to UE Caloocan when Papercrane sent me an emergency text, I thought of different scenarios of why she needed help but I wasn't prepared for what she told me next, her shoes gave up on her, yes the pair of them, and she needs a change, a new slippers or any footwear. So, being the older sister, I junked my plan of inquiring in the mentioned university and ran to her aid, I bought us a pink pair of slip-ons, yes it is a twin, hers a size 6, mines a size 8. It's nice, we did rock the pink footwear.

We went to Victory Mall afterwards and ended up in Golden Fortune - The Hong Kong Cuisine, as we were looking for a quiet place to eat and lounge. The place was nice, the staff were attentive and very polite, the food was great and the price was on the spot. If ever you're in the vicinity, do try it out, I highly recommend it.

Note: I am in no way related to the said establishment, this post is of my personal opinion and taste.

My order - Hong Kong Lechon Rice Meal, it comes with buttered cabbage as a side dish, and for 88 pesos, this is a winner. And if you are an extra rice type of person, you just have to add 8 pesos and you'll get yourself an unlimited rice servings.

Photo above is Papercrane's order - Braised Beef Meal, also priced at 88 pesos, I didn't had the chance to taste it but my papersis said that it's alright.

We both have a little allergy to seafoods but that didn't prevent us from having Shrimp Siomai, the risk was worth it, I'm even planning to come back to have a taste of their other dumplings. I kinda forgot the price, I think it's 70 for 4pcs., but I'm not really sure.

We both had Lemonade for our drinks, it is priced at 50 pesos per glass, it's too sweet for my taste so it's unlikely that I'll order it again. There are lots of choices in the menu, so one less won't really matter.

Papercrane and I, a photo op before we went our separate ways *grins*.


  1. the braised beef looks yum. The lemonade looks refreshing too! Thanks for joining!

  2. Ooooh siomai! I wonder what kind of wrapper is that, it looked thinner than the regular ones being sold at the supermarkets.

    The lemonade looked divine. Now that's what I call lemonade!

    Thanks for joining Weekend Eating. Hope you can join again next week.

  3. everything looks yummy and those siomai makes me so hungry, i love it! anyway, your such a sweet sister...i'm sure she appreciate it! have a great week!


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