Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dunkin' Donuts Big Dunk

I went to a nearby bank a few days ago to pay some of our utility bills and, just because a Dunkin' Donuts branch is nearby it immediately became my choice for a pasalubong, hahaha. This is not the first time I'm taking a box of Big Dunk home but this is my first time blogging about it, not that there's much to say.

If we are to talk about practicality, I say go with the regular sized ones, a dozen of which cost 120 pesos which is the same as the price of a 6-piece box of Big Dunk. Another thing, Big Dunk doughnuts sort of lack in variety, the several times that I purchased, flavors were always limited to 3 or 4, unlike with the regular-sized doughnuts. Pero syempre, the curious us should give it a try at least once *wink*.

the box

the doughnuts

Boston Creme, Choco-Candy Sprinkle, Choco Butternut

My right hand is in working condition na so I'll fix my previous post after I publish this one. Have a wet and wild Thursday everyone!

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