Monday, June 20, 2011

Heads Up!

My son's classes started last Tuesday, June 14, and since then, I am a walking, talking zombie, I lack sleep for all the wrong reasons while I tried to be a doting mama to my boy. My son's in second grade already but as I transferred him to a new and nearer school, he's like starting anew, new school equals new environment, new set of friends, new teachers, new rules, new everything and he's learning his way one step at a time, I plan on backing him up until he can stand on his own feet again, it may take weeks to a month so regular updates on this blog and the others will likely be non-existent. I may have the chance to sneak in a post or two along the way but I'm not making a promise, I tend to break promises, as you may know *lol*. Anyway, I just wanna let everyone know.

Okay, about my recently-acquired habit/vice of posting pic and leaving a note saying I'll edit it in a later date, I'm really sorry about that, I wasn't really planning on running away on my responsibilities as a blogger, I really thought I can forced everything to work out but somewhere along the way, with unfinished posts and all, I realized I'm attempting the impossible. I'm really sorry for doing things half-baked *sigh*, but I really wish it's possible. Anyway, in case, I have the itch to post but I had to go in the middle of working on it, I do hope, you'll extend your patience and bear with me for a little while. But, I promise to try my best not do that anymore.

Me, living my life without a digital camera... it's suffocating and super boring. I really wish I am a billionaire so I can just snap a finger and everything I need and want will be delivered right at my feet *sigh*, that would be the life.

I did my fair share of eating out these two weeks past, but as I don't have a camera, can't very well blog about it, I tried using camera phone but the end result is just too mediocre for my taste, I might give in soon though, I need a camera badly :(
  • I've been to Jollibee, I already tried their Crispy Chicken Sandwich, I think it cost less than 50pesos, it passed the taste department - buns, mayo dressing, chicken fillet, buns - so I'm giving it a thumbs up. Don't expect something God-sent or heavenly though, it's Jollibee, be satisfied with it *grins*.
  • I've tried KFC's good meal - the 1pc. original chicken, rice, gravy, 1 fixin and a regular soda meal - it costs 95pesos, they say one can save 21pesos, I guess it's possible and it's KFC, how can you ever go wrong.
  • I also had KFC's Caesar Salad with chicken bits, it costs a little below 150pesos, and it is actually filling, I had it for lunch and I felt full, well, you can attribute it to the soda but let's just be optimistic here, hahaha. Seriously, it's good, nothing comparable to Subway's salads but it can stand on its own, I'm just not too keen on their dressing, the taste's just too sharp for my palette.
  • Two promos or something like that of Mr. Donuts had been purchased by yours truly, I'm a sucker for all things kiddie *chuckles*. First was the one with Sponge Bob-designed pail with a shovel and lid, it costs a hundred bucks and it comes with a number of those round little doughnuts called Smidgets *tongue out*. Next, and recent one, was the Ben 10 Alien Forced lunch box and tumbler, each cost a hundred and both are filled with Smidgets when you buy them.

  • We bought a bunch of those Kung Fu Panda toys (Happy Meal) from McDonald's, we feasted on two Burger McDo, two McChicken Nuggets, and 2 1pc. McChicken Meal. We also had the Shake Shake Fries, it comes in Cheese Rush and BBQ Kick, I chose the latter, which is a mistake as my little one didn't like it, and instead of the watermelon and green apple Sprite McFloat, we opted for the Coke Float which is 5 pesos cheaper than the previous two at 80pesos, the fries is priced at 55pesos.
  • Last of the bunch is a trip to Tokyo, Tokyo with my chinggus, we had the Beef Misono and Chicken Yakitori meal, a single serving of Yakisoba, Onion Rings to share which comes with a mayo dip, Tempura to share (6pcs.) and California Maki with wasabe and soy sauce dipping, we had large Coke each for our drinks. Sadly, I forgot to keep the receipt so no price alert from me *grins*.
I badly, badly need a digicam, imagine a food blog where readers practice their imagination to picture the food that is being discussed, hahaha...

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