Friday, June 10, 2011

KFC's Kung Pao Supreme Rice Bowl and a Bucket of Fries

Just a quick post, I'll edit this later, I have to get going while the sun is still up maya-maya uulan na naman, have to complete my son's school supplies list before school starts on Tuesday. Later, okay!

Hays, finally, I got the chance to edit, sorry for a week's delay. My son started school last Tuesday, he's in grade 2 but because we transferred school, he's still learning his way around the new school and slowly adapting to his new environment. He left his school friends and have to find a set of new ones and as I don't wanna put that much pressure on him, I'm backing him up in every step. No, I don't hang out in the school premises or around it, I don't know, I just lack the time to update my blogs. Pud Blag ni Ako is lucky pa nga kasi I get to post once in a while, my other blogs are left to accumulate dust and cobwebs *sigh*. In due time...

Anyway, my son's new school is littered with fast food chains - Jollibee, KFC, Chowking, Dunkin' Donuts, Mr. Donuts, a tricycle-ride away is McDonalds and a few steps away is a community mall which houses a few more eating establishments. So, the several times I went to process his transfer papers and enrollment stuff, I end up eating in a few of the establishments - and one of those is KFC.

I tried their Supreme Rice Bowl - Kung Pao, it has two chicken fillets, corn and drizzled with Kung Pao spicy Chinese sauce atop a bowl of rice, it costs 100pesos with a regular-sized drink. For 100, it is a practical choice and I can guarantee that it is filling, one tip though, if you're the type who eats lunch or dinner with an extra serving of rice, I advice you to order that extra rice instantly, and mix it in, as the rice included in the meal won't satisfy you *grins*. The sauce was too salty for my taste but aside from that, I'll give it a star.

I also ordered a bucket of fries, KFC flavored coated crispy fries served with their trademarked gravy, sorry, I kinda forgot how much it cost already, but it must be affordable as I was able to buy it *giggles*.

I was vying time as I was waiting for the afternoon opening of the school's supplies store so I ordered as much. Just a clarification, just in case, you're all thinking I'm a glutton, hahaha, I have my moments though :P

I heard they have a new promo, I wonder what it is?

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  1. Haven't tried their kung pao rice but will do. KFC is one place i love to dine in .. So how's the taste like?


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