Monday, September 19, 2011

KFC Tower Burger

I had been craving for KFC's Tower Burger since I saw the TV commercial, unfortunately, chickenpox conquered me before I was able to conquer my cravings *pout*. Everything was just tasteless the first two weeks that I had been sick so the moment my taste buds regained its ability to taste food, I basically beg my brother to go to the nearest KFC branch and buy me one.

the KFC Tower Burger poster (who wouldn't drool?)

the warning in the box

a visual of what's to come

my KFC Tower Burger

Ala carte cost 110php and it hiked up to 140php with drinks and regular fries (my choice). Remember the commercial, the different ways you can eat the tower burger? I ate mine semi-princess style, I had to cut it in quarters before I devoured it. A good buy if you'll ask me but I still prefer my all-time favorite - the Zinger!


  1. My fav is Zinger too...anyway, so sorry.. you can't comment on my blog if the article is 10 days older. I saved my disc space so I have to cut commenters from 10 days older.

    Thanks for the visit.

  2. I still haven't tasted this because I don't know if I will like the added hash brown.

  3. the best thing with that is the added cheese, buns and greens. while Jollibee's hash brown @ P60 lacks all of the above :)

  4. wow!!! haven't tried their tower burger...haven't been to KFC for quite some time now. anyways, thanks for dropping by my food blog "daw" hehehe... followed you here too...

  5. i love zinger burger too! yumm!! :)


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