Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby's Crispy Pata

If you'll ask Navotenos or those who hail from Navotas, what are the goodies they remember aside from fresh fish and seafood, bagoong and patis, I bet their answer will be - Baby's Crispy Pata. It is now under a new management, hence, the new name, Ar-RR, but it's still distinctly Baby's.

The minute food center also offers other dishes, mostly of Chinese variety, but from what I had sampled, I suggest you try Chicharong Bulaklak, Hong Kong Chicken and their Fried Chicken, Chopseuy, Pancit Canton and Baby's Fried Rice. I can't say that the prices are affordable but you'll get your money's worth *smiles*.

I was craving for some crispy pata last Saturday, syempre, mapipigilan pa ba ko kapag nagsimula na kong matakam, hehe. A piece cost 350 pesos, it comes with a cup of dipping sauce (me think it's an oyster and vinegar mix) and a slice of cucumber and pickles. An additional cup of dipping sauce will cost you 10 pesos.

Taken before the poor pork leg was attack :D (Sayang, I should have taken a pic when all that was left are simut-sarap bones, hahaha).


  1. I've never tasted all that you've said there before; there all are quite new to me in my menu. But i am sure they are must taste really good, like you said, Crisy and juicy and yummy. I am gonna try and remember few names you've mentioned her and try to figure out if i can get it at any restaurant here at my place.

  2. yummy crispy pata... my dad likes this so much. But we wont let him eat on regular basis for healthy reason.


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