Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baker's Fair Beef Loaf

I've mentioned in a previous post that I had jumped in in the working mom bandwagon, I am now one of those moms who woke up early to prepare their children for school AND prepare themselves for work at the same time, and I am now one of those working moms who have coffees to go and breakfast at work.

Photo below was my breakfast one Monday morn, two weeks ago, I think :D

A branch of Baker's Fair was a few steps away from my son's school thus buying freshly-baked pastry and bread is no biggie for yours truly. I decided on a Beef Loaf that fateful day (hahaha, ang drama ng entry na itetch :P), well, it was too early and I only have that and garlic bread to choose from *grins*.

I shared it with my colleagues with a cup of Kopiko Brown coffee (three-in-one are all the rage in offices you know :D). At 45 pesos, I say, hell yeah!

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  1. Not a bread eater in the morning, although, I love BF's dice hopia. :) Love Kopiko Brown in the morning as well. :D hihi...

    BTW, dropping from Adgitize. ;)


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