Friday, December 23, 2011

Eat All You Can at Chef d' Angelo


We went out a week ago to buy some stuff for Christmas, as time wouldn't permit us to go anywhere far, we settled for SM San Lazaro, not that we don't like it there, it's just that, bigger malls gives us more choices and options *smiles*.

We headed to Chef d' Angelo for lunch and tried their eat-all-you-can. I think the food establishment joined the eat-all-you-can bandwagon early this year, with their pasta-and-pizza-all-you-can, then came their pizza, pasta, soup and salad all-you-can, the latest is the one combined with rice meals, priced at 175php, you can partner it with a bottomless drink at 60php.

We were kinda late, at half past one, so the buffet table doesn't look as full and appetizing as it should be but it was still worth our hard-earned cash.

Chef d' Angelo (SM San Lazaro)

the half-empty/half-full buffet table


my first plate (veggie salad, mixed veggies, fettuccine with red vodka sauce and fish fillet with white oglio sauce)

second plate (pepperoni pizza, rice pilaf and sesame crusted fish fillet)

hubby's first plate (veggie salad w/baby potatoes, fettuccine with alfredo sauce, fish fillet, grandma's pizza)

second plate (fish fillet, rice pilaf, grandma's pizza)

my son's first plate (spaghetti with olives and capers sauce, fish fillet, pepperoni, hawaiian and grandma's pizza slices)

second plate (plain spaghetti noodles, fish fillet, hawaiian and pepperoni pizza)

third plate (rice pilaf, 3 slices of hawaiian pizza and corn soup)

busy eating, hurhur

eat-all-you-can bracelets

Don't be mistaken, hubby and I were the ones who ate most of what in my son's plate, alam nyo na takaw mata lang ang mga kids :D



  1. I was treated by my cousin last October to this eat all you can and I must say, it was worth the P150! Visiting from Food Trip Friday!

  2. yum....I like going to the Buffet especially in thr weekend. Great choices of foods too :-) visiting for FTF, hope that you can return the favor too.

  3. sarap ng mga food and the place itself is not bad either.

  4. I shall return! Pagkatapos po ng finals week, babalik ako dito.


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