Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frappe at InfiniTEA

Post No. 4!

While E's busy watching the Tagalized version of Transformers on Ch.5, I'm blogging *grins*, I'm in the mood to blog, I don't know why but as it is an occurrence that seldom comes, I think I'll wallow in it, teehee.

A few blog posts ago, I had introduced you to InfiniTEA, and as I let slip in that same post, I am currently obsess in trying everything on their menu.  Photo below was ordered and shared with the hubby while I was waiting for Prof to come, have I mentioned that their lounging couch have become our favorite tambayan? If I haven't yet, then now you know, hurhur.

Double Dutch Frappuccino 

You know what else I found out? They have a website, in case you wanna check out their branches or menu.

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