Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Cup of Spinner

We spotted Swirls Ice Cream when we went to SM San Lazaro several months back and because it is a new brand, we got curious and tried it, and well, it's ice cream, I think that's reason enough *grins*.

Pardon the sloppy texture of the ice cream, I got distracted and it had to wait long before I could snap a shot but don't let its appearance stop you from trying it out, I assure you the melting part was entirely my fault, technically, it was my son's but we can't blame him, so yeah, let's just drop this *grins*.

There are lots of choices and I'm sure they can cater to our individual sweet cravings and you can opt to have it in 8oz cup for PHp49, 12oz at Php69 and 16oz at Php85.  It's a cheaper option to DQ but, of course, it couldn't compare to the classic blizzard *smiles*.

Signature Chocolate Spinner
mother and son (gosh, the back flabs *sad face*)


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