Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Late Post: Kakanin Cravings

Late post alert, late post alert! 

Hahaha, I can't and won't even deny how late this post is, a year and a half in the making, can anyone beat that *chuckles*?

My cousin was pregnant during those times and she was always craving for and asking for Dolor's Kakanin, lucky me (sarcastic po ako!), I was the one she's always calling and texting and private messaging in FB and nagging to buy her some and because I am such a dear cousin (and sort of an uto-uto sometimes, hehe), I always do.  Photo below was taken one time I decided to buy myself my own bilao of kakanin, you'll crave for one too if you witnessed her devour those rice cakes.

I usually buy the small bilao worth Php150 and the medium one worth 250 but they do have ones in bigger sizes, you know for bigger family / friendly consumption *wink*.

The white one (outer layer) is sapin-sapin, the next layer is a mix between ube/halaya kakanin and cochinta, the third layer is a combination of maja blanca (corn) and cassava while the middle (round one) is biko, I think.

Better yet, try some so you can know for yourself.  I'm sure you'll not regret it *smiles*.

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