Wednesday, November 6, 2013

E's 9th! (Part 2)

Still on E's birthday celebrations, syempre, another late post *grins*.

His birthday cake as the clock struck twelve, we just bought him a junior Choco Mousse from Goldilocks and hid it in Nanay's room.  We let him sleep and woke him up at 12 midnight, he was kind of disoriented and irritated when he finally arise from his favorite banig (sleeping mat woven/made of native materials) but he gave us a bit of a smile (or is it a smirk?) when we finally cajoled him to blow the number nine candle out.

A petite Choco Mousse cost a little bit more than Php300 while the bigger one sells for more than Php500.

Christmas packaging

Goldilocks Premium Cake - Choco Mousse

teary-eyed, sleep-deprived birthday boy

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