Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meet Ms. Caramella

We went window shopping last weekend in SM San Lazaro, yup window (and door) shopping, yun lang ang kaya gawin eh, walang anda *grins*.  

As usual, a trip the mall won't be complete without a visit to one of my son's favorite eating ground, he's pick last Sunday was Karate Kid.  While they ate and fill their stomachs, I sat and drink my Caramel Milk Tea, aptly and cutely named Caramella, just look at Ms. Caramella's picture, ain't she a pretty?

Cuteness aside, I don't really enjoy their milk tea much, it was too sweet, I usually have mine with a quarter or half sugar but as they didn't ask me what level of sugar I want (nakalimutan ko din sabihin, hehe)... and their black pearl is sooo, hmm, nevermind.  Naisip ko lang baka naman na-tyempo lang ako, I'll give it a go one more time and then I'll decide *smiles*.

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