Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pizza Hut Delivery and Us

If there's a food chain (with delivery service) contest wherein the one with the greatest number of regular customers / avid fan will win, our family will definitely be included on Pizza Hut's list.  If you ever go and waste time asking our neighbors of which delivery motorcycle they see the most parked at our gate, I think they'll answer as one - Pizza Hut.

I don't know where the fanaticism roots, don't look at me, I only learnt to appreciate Pizza Hut when I was in high school, I used to snob any pizza with lots of trimmings and toppings, I'm a simple girl who wanted her pizza with ham and cheese like that of Pizza Stop *grins*.  Maybe it was because the husband is a voracious pizza eater, or maybe because we introduced our son to the taste and flavor of pizza at a very young age, or maybe because we just felt sure that whatever we ordered at Pizza Hut it will never be wasted, I mean, there's already an assurance (which we don't have to vocalized) that at least one or two or three people in the family will be happy and satisfied with the delivery.

Oh well, what I'm rattling about doesn't even matter, hurhur!

Family-sized Hawaiian Pan Pizza

Family-sized Pepperoni Pan Pizza

Hut Patatas 

happiness in 1, 2, 3 boxes

Pizza Hut lover no.1

I gave the pizza hut manong 650 pesos for our purchase and his tip, siguro nasa 600 pesos ang pizza and potatoes at nasa 50 pesos ang tip nya :)

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