Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Lunar New Year Feast

I sent my lunar new year greetings your way last Friday, January 31 with corresponding photos of us (son and me) and our simple feast.  I was kind of busy and not in the mood to blog so details of the said celebration is a bit delayed.
the round table, clockwise from top: pomelo&ponkan, oranges, chocolates, lettuce, pancit luglog, sweet&sour meatballs, siomai, camansi, tikoy, kikiam, bacon, relyenong bangus
relyenong bangus

Whole fish is a must in new year celebrations, I bought relyenong bangus as I, quite recently, learned to appreciate its taste, and sans the usual steamed ones.  I don't generally eat fish, so me loving relyeno at the moment is a welcome change in my family.

Kikiam or Kequiam is a famous delicacy of Malabon City, it's made from grated turnips and other spices, a bit different from the ones most Chinese restaurants offer.  Husband's favorite, hence, a place in the table.
Kikiam / Kequiam

Pancit symbolizes long life, so the noodles must remain uncut but as you can see we deviate from the usual miswa / sotanghon and settled instead for Pancit Luglog, an all-time favorite in the family.  Maghahanda na lang din kami, pipili pa ba naman kami ng di namin masyado gusto, hehe.
Pancit Luglog

Big meatballs with green leafy vegetable is supposed to symbolize a lion's head, for prosperity, I think.  But as we're far from being traditional we opted to have our meatballs bite-sized and drenched in sweet and sour sauce.
Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Lettuce wraps for fortune, yey money for me! Hahaha!  Instead of the usual chicken mix, I decided to let my love of all things Korean take over, hence, it's bacon for us.
Lettuce Wrap

Last but not the least, the always present Siomai, filled a bit less than the usual siomai to make it look like a money bag.  Nanay had outdone herself with this one, I sooo love it!

Aside from gorging myself to death with food that I am supposed to avoid, the best part of celebrating new year is having fun and creating memories with loved ones.


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  1. so agree: it's really all about enjoying each other's company and making memories that we can all cherish!
    sarap ng handa!!!

    thanks much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday!
    enjoy the rest of the week!


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