Monday, March 24, 2014

Keyk Serye: Choco Mousse (Goldilocks)

Keyk Serye No. 3!

As per their website's description, Goldilocks Choco Mousse is a rich chocolate mousse on moist chocolate butter cake and iced with freshly whipped cream.  The top is laced with layers of cream border.  The whole cake is drizzled with chocolate ganache and chocolate vermicelli.  Top of the cake is sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Regular-sized round premium cakes would cost you a bit more than 500 pesos while the smaller versions cost a bit more than 300 pesos.

I'm not really a fan as I like my cakes / pastries filling and sort of heavy on my belly *lol*, but as my son and brother are, the sight of Choco Mousse, the whole or just crumbs, is common in our household.

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