Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cravings: Buli

Buli or Buri fruit comes from Buli / Buri Palm, the most stately and largest of Philippine palm.  The fruits are globose, fleshy, 2 to 2.5 centimeters in diameter and the kernels of the young fruits are edible and made into sweetmeats.

I haven't tried the said sweetmeat but I had devoured more than my fair share of these gummy, coconut-like little delights.  I remember eating it in my childhood with tubo (sugarcane) during the summer, wherein the parents cut the fruits and we children will pick out the flesh using our thumbs.  I had been asking my mom for years 'whatever happens to buli and tubo' coz we can't find it in the market anymore', nanay said, 'hindi na uso kaya wala na nagtitinda'.  This past summer, my need to have a taste of buli (again) resurfaced, akala ko simpleng PG moment lang like my usual, iyon pala I'm craving kasi I'm pregnant na pero dahil alam ko na it doesn't exist na sa mga palengke dito sa amin, I kept quiet na lang, so imagine my glee, when I went home one day to a half plastic bag of whole buli and a tub of cut and ready-to-be-eaten ones.  I didn't care for dinner that night, I just go ahead and eat my waiting buli(s), I finished the tub-full in less than an hour, I think, while watching television and I took care of the whole ones the next day.  I ask my mom to buy another batch, sadly, the woman who sold them to her wasn't there anymore, sabi ni nanay okay na daw yun, pinatikim na ko para di maging tulo laway ang anak ko!  

Sige na nga *smiles*!

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