Sunday, February 1, 2015

Baby A's 1st!

Baby A celebrated her 1st month with a bang, with two chocolate cakes (with her name on it) to boast of.  Thanks sponsors!

birthday feast

The first one's from Kuya E, a round chocolate cake from Goldilocks.

Second one's from Tita Imee (as you can plainly see, hehe).  Medyo sumablay lang sa spelling ng name, konti lang naman, hehe.

This (photo above) I financed and Nanay labored for, Pancit Guisado with lots of tokwa and longanisang Macau (both of which I lurve).

Syempre, hotdog on sticks with marshmallows, what kind of children's party would it be without hotdogs and syempre, Kuya E won't be happy without it *grins*.

The tub of Cookies and Cream ice cream (photo above) and two whole fried chicken were given by Ninang Pat and Kuya B, an early Christmas gift, hehe.

The sleeping celebrant (she sleeps through the whole event, mula pagdating ng bisita nya hanggang sa pag-uwi, hehe) with her party food.

She woke up when all's up and done and she wailed like a concert queen, hurhur!


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