Sunday, February 8, 2015

Simple Christmas Feast

Several hours after Kuya E's 11th birthday celebration came Noche Buena and as always we had ours simple and fuzz-free.

Macaroni Salad
Macaroni Salad courtesy of Tito Arnel, it's not yet that awesome-ly good but he's getting there, hehe.

Molo soup courtesy of dete Irene, it was yum as always.  Don't be deceive by the floating margarine debris, I took the shot when it was already cold and greasy. Okay, you can blame me *tongue out*.

Turbo Broiled Chicken
Nanay's very own recipe, I'm not a fan of turbo-broiled food especially meat, as I think, the juices were wasted in the turbo broiler bin, thus making the dish a bit tasteless and dry.  Nope, I'm still not a fan but I did appreciate Nanay's effort in making gravy giving the chicken a much desired taste-lift *tongue out*.

Jamon de Bola
The usual Christmas ham sliced and heated in the oven.

Cochinta with caramel dip
A new discovery and favorite - Cochinta with caramel dip.  Sponsored by my dear brotha *smiles*.

our feast
We also have different flavore leche flan, my nana's concoctions, and left-over Carbonara from Kuya E's birthday bash *grins*.

family photo op
It was a merry Christmas, indeed!


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