Friday, March 11, 2011

California Clusters

One question before I proceed - Wala ba masyadong saging sa Amerika? Hahaha!

A second cousin from US, a much older second cousin, came to visit, I remember following him around when he was still here in the Philippines, I was five or six and he's HIM, hahaha, I think he was a freshman in college or something. It's kind of a long story, basta we clicked, we loved each others company. Anyway, they (his parents and siblings) migrated a few months after I started my elementary schooling and that's where our connection ends, well, he sort of kept his end of the line open, he sent cards, books, candies and chocolates, dollars, but you know me, it's proven, I am a snob ever since I was a kid, hahaha. His company had an Indonesian tour and as our country is just a few hours away, he decided on dropping by, he stayed for three days, I think.

A few weeks after he came back to California, a box of goodies came, it is stuffed with pieces of clothing, chocolates, stuffed toys and books, I think, he never saw me as a grown up, actually, he treated me like I was still a kid when we met :P

I digress, photo below was one of the goodies he sent, it came with the usual chocolates which I didn't took pictures of, hahaha, choosy ako eh. Anyway, I expected too much, it was my first time seeing this brand so I was a little excited to try it but then, it flopped. It's actually okay, I just had high expectations *grins*, and it's kind of deceiving, the banana chips are oh so scarce, they should have labeled it as 'bits and pieces of crunchy banana chips and a lot of almonds drenched in rich milk chocolates' *lol*.

Have a great weekend people!

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