Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fried Prawns (Piniritong Sugpo)

Yesterday Catholics around the world celebrated the beginning of the Lenten Season through Ash Wednesday, by now a few of those who still practice the old-age tradition of fasting, self-denial or abstinence, penance, alms-giving and prayer have already started what would be a few-months long of dedication. Our family, though half-Chinese by blood, are devout Catholics (we're not the uber-righteous ones who prays non-stop but we practice all the traditions that goes along with the faith), we also take part in some Chinese beliefs but being Catholics are more eminent in our being *grins*.

So, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of no-meat Fridays, non-intake of meat, in any kind, was also observed yesterday, we had Fried Prawns, and though I am sorta, kinda allergic to some seafood, I still tend to loose track and eat some, moderation is the key and a steady supply of medications *lol*. Anyways, for this year's Lent, I'm going to give up on rice, I'm still deliberating on meat, I'm not really sure if I can pass up on meat that easily *pouts*. For this blog, I plan on posting food and recipes that are Lent-friendly, hopefully. And to start the ball rolling, an easy but oh so yummy dish - Piniritong Sugpo (Fried Prawns).

You'll need:
  • Sugpo/Prawns (the more, the merrier *lol*)
  • cooking oil (go healthy, try any kind of vegetable oil)
  • water
  • salt

You just have to:
  • Clean the prawns thoroughly, be sure to buy fresh!
  • Boil a few cups of water with half a teaspoon of salt, depends on the number of prawns you're going to cook though.
  • Drop the prawns, put the lid and let it simmer for two minutes, it'll turn orange-y in color. Set aside.
  • Heat some oil, fry the prawns for a minute or two on both sides and you're done.
  • Serve with vinegar dip.

So, it's bye-bye rice for me, see you on Easter Sunday, my favorite grain in the whole world :D

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