Monday, March 14, 2011

Dried Squid

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I will try to post dishes that are Lent-worthy *grins*, and in keeping up with that, I present, Dried Squid paired with Garlic Rice, dipped in chili vinegar sauce eaten at breakfast, well, you can eat it anytime you want, I just had mine in the morning. Dried squid is usually available in your nearby wet and dry market, groceries and supermarkets, I have no idea how much it cost but I know that you can buy it in packs (whole, half and quarter of a kilo), all you have to do is fry it to your desired crunchiness and it's ready to go.

Have I mentioned that I live in a city where seafoods are a-plenty? Can you guess which Metropolitan city it is? Anyways, because of our location, we don't rely on those commercial dried squids available in the market, we make our own, fresh and salt-free. Inggit kayo noh?

Oh yeah, make sure that you're not allergic to squid before gobbling any, or at least be prepared *grins*. If there's a food that can literally kill me, that's squid, my body has a high-intolerance to it, but I still cave in from time to time, I just drink lots of water and take meds right after, honey and maple syrup helps, too.

Tara almusal na tayo!

Edit: i just wanna clear something up, i took these photos a week before i begin to abstain from eating rice temporarily :P

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