Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Two

My tatay's birthday fall on the same month as my mom, exactly 9 days later, if you want the numbers. He just cooked some pansit, as usual, to give away to the neighbors, we bought a liter of Nestle Sorbetes Espesyal - Cookies and Cream and a whole Chocolate Roll from Goldilocks. The ice cream is not that yummy but for 125pesos, I guess one shouldn't expect much, the chocolate roll tasted the same but my tatay's pansit is better than my nanay's, hahaha, don't tell on me, okay!

Tatay also prepared other goodies pero pang-pulutan eh, nasabi ko na ba na may pagka-alcoholic ang ama ko, pwahahaha. I didn't took pictures, I hate it when my father drinks and I hate his drinking friends more *sigh*.

We had lunch the next day at Max's, I didn't brought my camera as we went there right after church but a cousin did, let's just pray he'll give me my damn copy before the world ends.

Goldilocks Whole Chocolate Roll

Nestle Ice Cream Sorbetes Espesyal - Cookies 'N Cream

Pansit Bihon

More years and celebrations to come Appa!

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