Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Outage

I was up all day yesterday, waiting for Blogger to function again, unfortunately, to no avail. I missed the Food Trip Friday and Food Friday meme but I think the lovely hostess of both meme will forgive my being a day late *grins*. I did notice minor problems in posting and commenting last Thursday and a little bit in logging in but I thought that the platform was just undergoing their usual maintainance as I was still able to do my thing, so imagine my surprise, shock, disbelief and fear when it didn't work the whole day yesterday plus the temporary deletion of the entries I did last Thursday, all three of them. I almost weep finding that out, hahaha, good thing, I was born lazy, so unlike other bloggers, who I assume rushed back to work when Blogger went back to business, I dilly-dallied and before I know it, my entries are back, unfortunately though, the comments weren't *pouts*.

Anyways, let's all go back to our grinds and let the merry-making and blogging begins, again *grins*!

Food Trip Friday and Food Friday entry up next :)

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