Thursday, May 12, 2011

Munting Salo-Salo

I recently blogged about my food trips with grade school friends, as we plan our reunion away, you can take a look at our late dinner at Samarenos and our late lunch at Greenwich the next day. We usually hold a meeting each month and it started last January - the first one was at my place, we had some pansit bihon and puto topped with salted eggs plus a smorgasbord of junk foods to nibble on and a few bottles of Sprite to quench our thirst; the second one was supposed to be a small get together in Balsa as an old classmate came back from overseas work but the whole plan was canceled at the last minute, and in an effort to save the day, we decided on having an instant meeting at another classmate's house, we had some Crispy Pata and Fried Chicken from Baby's and a Longganisa Pasta that I cooked, we had iced cold Coke to flushed the food away; the third we meet turned out to be a small get together as another classmate came back from Qatar, it was a potluck dinner as always, we had Crispy Pata and Hongkong Chicken from Baby's, a bilao of kakanin and Relyenong Bangus from Dolor's, Pancit Canton and Chopseuy courtesy of our host's mom, I brought fresh hasa-hasa to be grilled but as the food on the table were still a-plenty, they just decided on putting it on hold, and as usual, Coca-Cola for our drink. Now, photos below were taken on our meeting last month, Gina took care of the food, I just brought a homemade coffee jelly as my share while our hostess prepared Mira Flores peachy-peachy with grated cheese and Coke and Green Tea Leaf as beverages.

The whole lot of them: Selecta Double Dutch Ice Cream, Coffee Jelly, Peachy-Peachy with grated cheese, rice, Lechon Paksiw, Tapang Kabayo, salted egg and tomatoes with Coke and Green Tea Leaf.

Another shot of the food, this time up close. I don't eat kabayo (I love them around and running) so I don't know how the said dish tasted like but the lechon paksiw was good, I would have eaten the whole lot but I'm too shy to do so, hahaha. The salted egg and tomato combination was a hit, as always. The peachy-peachy was yummy, as expected from Mira Flores.

Hmm, what shall we have next meet-up?

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