Monday, May 2, 2011

Greenwich American Idol Fanatic Feast

A week before we celebrate the Holy Week, I, together with my three elementary friends went to distribute the invitation letter for our grade school reunion and do an ocular on two of the proposed venues. We then headed to MC Square, a humble mall situated in Malabon City, to have a late lunch, we decided on Greenwich as it was the first fast food chain that we passed by. It was madam Shelly's treat, so we just let her order what she wanted, she went for Greenwich American Idol Fanatic Feast, it's a combo meal for four persons - a double thin crust Hawaiian Overload, 4pcs. Jumbo Crunchy Chicken with rice and gravy, two boats of Meaty Spaghetti and a pitcher of Nestea iced tea - it also comes with a limited edition American Idol 10th anniversary CD. Aside from that, you will also be eligible for a four (4) electronic raffle coupons that can win you a trip to Hollywood to watch the American Idol finale.

Sorry for the not-so-appetizing photos, as the people I am with are not familiar with my photo-op with food before eating syndrome, I just snapped whatever and prayed that I'll get good results. Sad thing is, we don't really get everything we pray for, hahaha...

It was a fun lunch, full of laughs and kwento and of course, four full tummies. That's Jho (gray shirt) and Theck (yellow shirt), I love this shot so I'm sharing it with everyone, I took this while we were waiting for our full order to be served.

Posters of the promo and the set meal below:

Have a good week everyone!


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  1. Mouth watering pizza.... I'm craving right now.

    Happy MYM!!!! Visit my MYM entry


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