Friday, January 27, 2012

Nathaniel's Puto Pao

I'm soooper late, ssorry! The typhoon Bebeng sort of make a mess of our internet connection, aside from causing a few hours of brownout for two consecutive days. Forgive me this time and I promise to do better next time, owkie?

My brother went to Pampanga for his friend's father's wake and funeral, nope, I won't narrate a sob story, I just wanna gave you an idea of how I came to have a pack of Nathaniel's Puto Pao. Nathaniel's is one of those food store that has its roots in Pampanga and branches out in the metro when luck and popularity struck them.

It is famous for their Buco Pandan Salad, their version has fresh carabao's milk, which I haven't tasted yet, I almost did but my brother is such a tightwad, he backed out of buying when he found out that a large-size one cost more than 400pesos, hahaha.

Another well-known and well-loved product is their Puto Pao (in photos), a six-pc. pack cost 75pesos. It's like your regular puto with salted egg on top but this time you also have a taste of siopao because of its asado filling.

w/out flash

Verdict? Hmm, I live near Malabon City where a dozen or more hidden food treasures can be found, I guess you can say that I had my fair share of puto pao, and Nathaniel's version is not bad but it's not that rave-worthy either, this is my personal point of view as always, so haters go away :D


  1. i've tried this too and since i'm not so much into this kinds of food, didn't appreciate it that much.. although it did taste good compared to the puto pao we bought in Susie's Cuisine. Nathaniel's pancit guisade tastes good.. and will try the buko pandan next time.

    What i liked though from Susie's is the mochi...

  2. I was about to ask if "Nathaniel" is the same brand that had the Buco Pandan as its product. Nakakatakam ang food na ito ah? :)

    Thanks for linking up to Weekend Eating.

  3. their buko pandan juice is affordable, but the buko pandan salad is too pricey.

    re: puto pao. try susie's puto pao, it tastes better and it's cheaper.


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