Friday, February 10, 2012

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Remember that teeny-bopper series during the 90's? Yes, the one where a group of teens sits around a bonfire at night and take turns to narrate a scary story! Oh yeah, they were the first to use magic dust on fires, not an original from J.K Rowling, hahaha. Anyway, that and this post is entirely different from each other, I was just showcasing my superb talent in digression, hahaha.

A limited edition Toblerone Dark, I don't know if it was released here or if it was brought home by someone she knew, those chocolates, which you can see photos of below, was given to my son by her tita Lloydie the first time they met. Emyr didn't get to enjoy it, as he is not a fan of dark chocolates, but I did, promise :)

Better late than never, ayt? Thanks Lloydie :)

Emyr doesn't like dark chocolates, so in a way, he is afraid of the dark (choco), now I can safely say that this post is aptly titled, hahaha. Justification of one's thought or way of thinking, I think I learned that in Theology, or is it Psych 101? Oh well... have a great weekend people!


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