Saturday, April 7, 2012

Late Lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters

As usual, this is a late post, teehee! Alam nyo naman ako, laging busy-busy-han...

I think this was taken December of last year, when we went camera-shopping in SM San Lazaro. I went back to work on November and the very first thing I bought with my salary was a 14mp Canon digital camera and an advance Christmas gift for my son - a Bumblebee robot. Photos below were one of the first captures of the said cam.

We had our late lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters, it is located at the second level of the mall, along with other food establishments.
Husband ordered his usual, one of those original set of meals Kenny Rogers offers, it has a quarter of roasted chicken (honey-flavored in his case) with gravy, a serving of rice and a side dish, thyme and baby potatoes.

I had one of those light meals - chicken sandwich, chicken noodle soup and a glass of iced tea.

We also sampled one of their, then, latest offering, the Oglio Pasta. Believe it or not, the one you're seeing is a big-sized serving, it's kinda small even for the dieting me but it was good, I even promise myself that I'm going back to have a taste again. I wish they'll have a bigger serving though *pouts*.

Of course, the ever present extra rice and glass of Coca-Cola, it's like a given, when you dine with a guy, an extra serving of rice and a glass of soda will always be present. I'm not complaining or anything, I'm just stating my observation *smirks*.

The place looked the way it always do, the staff worked the way they always did, their products were priced the way it has been priced since time immemorial, but as we were there when the mob of mall-enthusiasts had finished their lunch, we sort of had a big space to breathe in. Just for that, I'll say it's a note-worthy lunch experience...

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