Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gone Wacko on Go Nuts Donuts

Another late post, and I'm telling you, there'll be a lot more late entries coming from me. Medyo sinasamantala ko lang hanggang bakasyon, after nito, di ko alam kung kailan ko ulit malalagyan ng laman itong kaawa-awa kong blog :-(

I bought this in their SM San Lazaro branch, still in December of 2011, if I remember correctly, they were having some sort of buy one box (of six) and take one box (of six) promo, I paid a little less than 300 pesos, I think *grins*.

As it happened a loooong time ago (in my aged mind, it is, hurhur), I don't remember what variants I chose and how each tasted like, but I bet they're all yummy, look at those pretties, just looking at the pics make me crave like crazy *sigh*.

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