Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NBA Fully Loaded Meal

Another late post, this time for Ruby Tuesday, it's my first time joining and I'm already late, just the right move to create a lasting good impression *sarcasm intended*.

I went to my son's new school, yup, we did transfer, to enroll but I stupidly left his class card home so I wasn't able to, it's a good thing that his new school's enrollment system is so organized, he was tagged as temporarily enrolled though I haven't really paid for it. I'm loving the institution already, hahaha. Anyway, my son asked me to bring some KFC goodies home, actually, he wanted the Ben10 bucket meal but it's not available in the Malabon branch so I just opted for their NBA Fully Loaded Meal.

NBA Fully Loaded Meal is your usual fully loaded meal with a piece of chicken (original or hot and crispy), gravy, a fixin/side dish (usually mashed potato), mushroom soup, a serving of rice, a piece of brownie and a drink (Coca-Cola, yup, they don't serve Pepsi products anymore, sad right, I want my Mt. Dew and 7-Up!). The only difference is, with the NBA FLM, you get an NBA tumbler- filled drink instead of the regular one for 155 pesos.

And as usual, KFC doesn't disappoint :D

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