Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waffle Time

Though I'm a day late, I still want to post and join Blue Monday, it's my first time joining this meme, I hope I'm welcome.

Waffle Time is one of the leading waffle franchise in the country, its package usually comes in a yellow box but as they are selling Thor items at the moment, their package being that of Thor is but a part of a good promotion, even the waffle wrapper is Thor-themed.

As far as I know, items like a small backpack, pencil holder, notepad, etc. are available in their kiosk. Oh yeah, those plastic cups for their iced tea is also printed with Thor :)

A piece of American Hotdog waffle (photo above) will cost you 16pesos while a box of 6 is at 96, different variants are available with reasonable price tags, I'm just not familiar with it as my son only likes the simplest of them all (look at the photo above for illustration).

See you next time!

Smiling Sally

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  1. i remember we used to buy this in college. i like the one with franks or cheese.


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