Saturday, May 14, 2011

What We Had

I'm late ulit, sorry naman, was busy kasi, forgive me please *puppy eyes*.

We had an impromptu swimming a few weeks ago, we went to a nearby pool/resort to cool down, I was with my son, brother, and four younger cousins, yeah, yeah, I was the oldest :) Anyway, as we weren't prepared, we just made a dash around the kitchen and we came up with Buttered Shrimp Pasta, Fried Chicken and Fried Hotdogs, we bought a few bottles of soda and distilled water and we're off.

Buttered Shrimp Pasta
(we cut the shrimp in bits, pamparami, hahaha...)

CDO Jumbo Sesame Hotdogs and
Fried Chicken

a photo op before they took the plunge, literally!

Okay, one thing I've learned in the many outings that I've been with my family and relatives, we tend to eat less when we're out, it seems like we're always out to have fun and not indulge in food and we do the glutton thing-y the minute we make it home *lol*.

Till next weekend!


  1. Buttered Shrimp Pasta... hmmm, that looks appetizing. Good idea of cutting the shrimps in little pieces, I will surely do that, too, if I am going to cook this dish.

    Thanks for linking to Weekend Eating!

  2. I miss eating Red Hotdog!

    Thanks for the visit.
    Visiting late thru Yummy Sunday

  3. must have been fun. the food all looks yummy...

    visiting late via Yummy Sunday.


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