Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Morning!

Dear you,

Hello! My day started with a blast *grins*, care to know why? I woke up earlier than usual as my son need to be in school earlier, as he left his linkages and he need to work on it before class starts. I did my usual routine, prepare breakfast, among other things, prep him up and send him to school. When it's all done and over with, I went online to check on stuff and do a little blogging if I can but I was distracted by the buzz that Google PR had an update. Bloggers are going gaga over it, it's the usual though, you win some, you loose some - some bloggers loose their PR or had a decrease while some earned their first and had jumps in numbers. So, the ever curious me, checked out Pud Blag ni Ako's pagerank, and it's the first time too, I started this blog in January but kept it a secret until March. I made it public, joined some memes, commented and received comments in return, had visitors and readers, it officially became a blog. And now three months later, drum roll please, I already have a PR 2. Yehey!

O di ba naman, success ang lola nyo. Wala lang gusto ko lang i-share :)

The Happy Me


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