Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've been inactive meme-wise, sorry, real life is sucking my energy, but I hope to get on the drill as soon as my body adapt to my recent schedule. I miss Weekend Eating and Yummy Sunday!

We went to Pampanga a few weeks back to look at a parcel of land that was being sold to my parents, the place was nice, but I still think that the owner's selling price is quite unreasonable *pouts*.

We passed by Nathaniel's in San Fernando, and of course, we all thought of one thing their famous Buco Pandan. We bought a big one plus an order of plain white and red puto (bilao) and a few orders of their Baked Mac and Lasagna (styrofoam). We were supposed to eat those at home but we got caught in traffic and it was nearing dinner time so we just all decided to eat it as we go. So no pics of the actual stuff that we bought, good thing I took a few snappies while waiting for my bro, he's the one who lined up in the counter.

Oh, as this was taken a few weeks ago, I kind of forgotten how much we paid, so again, no price list from me. Sorry!

Next time, I promise to take a pic :)

Nathaniels is located on the left side before the Dolores Intersection overpass in San Fernando, Pampanga. Complete address is Km 69 Olongapo Gapan Road Dolores City, San Fernando Pampanga. Their Buco Pandan, a must try!


  1. Marami nga nagsasabing masarap ang Nathaniel's... hopefully I can get to taste their foods, too.

    Thanks for linking up to Weekend Eating. :)

  2. wow, lots of goodies...ang daming pagpipiliang pasalubong for family and friends! mukhang masarap dyan sis! :) have a great week! :)

  3. hi visiting from YS, pasalubong galore! :) have a blessed week!

  4. back here, doing my rounds for YS. anyway, just followed you at gfc...hope you can follow me back, thanks! happy wednesday! :)

  5. i haven't heard of this shop yet. Hope it will have its opening in our place.


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