Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Best Things in Life are Free

I am de-cluttering my laptop, good thing I did, because I found hidden treasures, hahaha, I found food pics that was lying at the vault and here I am complaining about a broken camera and my inability to blog without it, when in fact, I have a few more to share *smile happily*.

Photos below were taken last summer, when we join the neighborhood outing of an uncle, they had a spare seat in their rented jeepney and there were free food, we only had to pay for our entrance fee so why would we decline dba? In the end, tito even paid for our entrance fees, way to go To!

Escabeche or Sweet & Sour Fish, I think this one was cooked by tita, but don't bother to ask me how it tasted, I wouldn't know, I don't eat fishy stuff, hehe.

Halabos na hipon or Steamed Shrimp, also by my tita, I was too engrossed on watching my son swim I wasn't able to have a taste, hehe.

Breaded Fried Chicken, no idea who brought this dish, but I asked my cousin, he's not too sure if his mom cooked it, di bale na, as long as it's masarap, ulam namin ito ni emyr :)

Inihaw na Baboy or Grilled Pork, it is marinated with barbecue sauce and then grilled in one of the resort's several big grills, you just have to pull one to your cottage's side and voila, you can grill anything you want. I think tito's neighbor had this to share :)

Grilled hotdogs, also from my tito's neighbor, when she found out that me and my son was coming with them, she bought two kilos of hotdog, alam nya na yun lang ang kinakain ng anak ko eh :P
Meatballs, or what was left of it, was too late in taking a pic, this is one of my tito's specialty so I am sure he bought this even without asking :P

Macaroni and Fruit Salad Mix, this was awesomely good, people in the group were all rushing to get some, hahaha...

There were plenty more in the table but I was too busy taking care of my son to snapped a photo of each. We had grilled squid, grilled milkfish with onions and tomatoes, fried hasa-hasa (I think it's a snapper), beef siomai, pansit bihon, loaves of bread and a few kinds of spreads, big cauldron of rice, fruits from mangoes, to bananas and watermelon, all kinds of junk foods and candies, and booze, they had a lot of booze to share, nakakaloka!

Have a great Sunday peeps!


  1. lots of food!! makes me wanna eat! visiting your YS entry! hope you can drop by mine too!

  2. oh! lotza yummy food here. kakagutom tuloy...Happy Yummy Sunday. Hope you can visit mine.

  3. Wow this is a super duper festivities of food. I know for sure this are all yummy I am drooling ^_^

    Leche Flan

  4. wow! lots of food.I like the first dish.

  5. the shrimps looks really good.

  6. daming food tlg pag nagoouting ang family...super busog bago umuwi.

  7. wow dami foods.. nagutom tuloy ako

  8. I suddenly feel hungry after seeing this post (lol)....
    Visiting here!

  9. everything looks mouthwatering...but what i like is the escabeche at hotdog, miss ko na, eh...:) visiting from YS, have a great week. :)

  10. A lot of good food, some are even my favorites! Yum, yum!

    Visiting via Yummy Sunday. Here's my entry: Komoro Soba


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