Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chips Delight Chewy Brownie Cookies

I finally got to posting another entry for Ruby Tuesday, I'm not that consistent in joining memes because real life is sucking me empty everyday *sigh*.

I bought this months ago when I passed it by stock with other Chips Delight variants in a shelf in Mercury Drugs, it cost 49 pesos and it has 14 cookie pieces inside. As the name implies, Chewy Brownie Cookies, isn't your everyday chocolate chip cookies, it taste and feel like a brownie, it is soft like a cookie dough but it is sinfully good just like the rest of its Chips Delight family. If you like soft cookies like that in Go Nuts, you better try this one, it's even covered with white and milk chocolate bits. I swear it's a must try!

with flash

without flash

Oh, happy 4th of July!


  1. Ooh that's nice! =) When you said soft and chewy, it reminded me of Mrs. Field's cookies I tried once before. Yum! =D
    And at first glance, I thought your 'without flash' picture was a picture of a tray of brownies for comparison. =P

  2. this is good for snacks at school hmm let me try this one, btw here's mine Anne’s Sweet Life

  3. lemme try that! I recently tried the striped cappuccino cookies which were yummy!


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