Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lunch Date at McDo

Three is a charm :D

I was hungry, I ate lunch. I'm fed up with cafeteria (read: carinderia, hahaha) food, I went out. I had no money to spare, I called for back up. All that boiled down to one, had a lunch date at McDo with the generous husband, teehee.

Just out of the oven (in this case, boiling oil), extra large fries with ketchup, Heinz pala brand ng catsup nila noh?

Of course, Chicken Mcdo,
crispy na, juicy pa, ay mali, ibang brand pala yun, hahaha!

A meal at 50, Chicken Fillet, kapag diet ka or maliit lang talaga appetite mo, sapat na :D

An all-time favorite, Oreo McFlurry!

Soda and burger key chain, the novelty item cost 35 pesos (not really sure, but I bet it's less than 50).

Masarap talaga ang libre :D

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