Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Treat

Post number 2 for today :D

Even before I sailed my way into the real world (read: life after school), it has been imprinted on my mind that my very first salary, wherever that may come from, should and would be spend for my loved ones, sort of a thank you treat, a lucky charm. And I did, I remember treating my college buddies in Pizza Hut somewhere in U-Belt, I bought my brother a K-Nex set and spent the rest on groceries and other mundane things for my family.

And then I stopped working.

Ten years later, I jumped back at it again, slavery in the modern times, hahaha.

Hence, another first salary treat. I bought myself a new digicam, my son a new robot, my husband, father and brother a new shirt, my mother new slip-ons; did some food-tripping with my chingus (which I'll blog about later) and fed my colleagues a little something.

Prepared and cooked by my nanay and tatay, and delivered by the husband.

Ginataang Hipon

Escabeche (Tanigue)

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