Monday, August 27, 2012

E's Simple B-day Celeb

To those who knew me, at least, even a little, would have to know that my son celebrates his birthday every 24th of December, thus seeing the title means that this post is almost nearing its anniversary *grins* and because you already knew me, you won't feel even a bit of surprise and will just shrug your shoulders and say, "it's a late post, nothing new", hahaha, a very palusible scenario, right? :))

As per titled, E's simple 8th birthday celeb...

Manager's Choice Pizza by Shakey's

Pepperoni Pizza by Shakey's

Pancit Malabon by Pancit Malabon Express

Spaghetti by Me :)

Paksiw na Pata by Mudra

King-sized Hotdogs (CDO)

Selecta's 3-in-1 + 1 Ice Cream


The Feast (turbo-broiled chicken yata ung nasa dulo eh)

ang nawawalang birthday cake :)

Side story:  E had a small celebration with his classmates during their Christmas party but due to some technical problem with a Japan-made / bought DSLR, all pics were lost and the only memory that was left was that of an empty cake carton *sob* (^_*)

Till his 9th :))

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