Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sbarro First Timers

I don't remember exactly when was this taken, but I'm sure it is sometime this year at Sbarro, SM San Lazaro.  We hadn't had the pleasure of being this establishment's patron though we always passed it by, reason, we had a picky eater on our midst.

One fine day, we were, finally, able to and imagine our regret, of lost time and dining opportunities *grins*, as one saying goes, it is better late than never, so yeah, we're making it up, Sbarro has since been our fave stomach-filling hangout.

You have to pardon this blogger though, as this is a super late post, details of what was ordered are blurry and unclear, aside from the first pic (Baked Zitti in White Sauce w/ Garlic Bread), a sure sign of aging *sigh*.  Maybe next time...

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