Monday, August 20, 2012

After Dinner Coffee at Starbucks

What do you usually do after dinner?
 a.) have a puff of nicotine
 b.) drink coffee
 c.) help yourself to some desserts
d.) all of the above

 I don't really care for your answer, hahaha, I just wanted a cool introduction to my post ^_^

We had some coffee to wash down the Korean delights that we've had, our orders, grande from left to right: White Chocolate Frappe for Papercrane (one of those holiday flavors), Caramel Frappe for moi (alam na, paborito dba), Chocolate Chip Frappe (milk-base) for my son and one of those double dose of coffee that Lloydie usually have, yeah, I still can't remember what it is, it's too complicated for my wee brain, whoo!

top view

2012 Starbucks Organizer / Planner

Lloydie drowned herself in coffee, just to fill up mine and hers with stickers, hahaha, isn't she a sweetheart :)

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