Monday, August 20, 2012

Our First at KBOP Korean Grill

Warning:  Due to the blogger's PhD in procrastination this post is almost a year overdue *grins*.

A day out with my chinggus on the first month of 2012, I snagged a 4-person group meal at Metrodeal and, of course, there's no better people to share it with than my all-Korean-obsessed chinggus.

I won't be able to give a full disclosure of what we've eaten and how it fared as it happened a long time ago and my memory, sad to say, doesn't function as well as it used to be but I fairly remember me cursing KBOP and Metrodeal a little as I think (yeah, present tense) their offer was a bit misleading, I wouldn't say that it's not fair but  I do, reiterate, that the deal is sort of ambiguous.

Photo above is the group meal for 4 persons, it'll cost you more that a thousand pesos if you buy it upfront but as I've purchased a voucher, I got it at half the price.  From left to right, clockwise: Chapchae, Samgyeopsal, Kimchi, KBOP Chicken, White Rice, and a pitcher of Iced Tea (far right).

We looked at the individual prices and we deduced that I only saved 60 pesos *pouts*, the food was good, the place was nice, the staff were okay, it could had been one of those rave-worthy foodtrip, if I hadn't been disappointed even before I started eating.  Oh well, lesson learned :))

Japchae or Chapcae

KBOP Chicken



Iced Tea

Jijimi (Vegetable Pancake)

w/ the accompanying dipping sauce

Dokkochi Gui 

official KBOP logo / sign

KBOP Sky Garden, SM North EDSA

Don't mind  my bitter tale and go visit this place when you suddenly crave for a semi-Filipinized Korean cuisine, it's good and easy on the budget and their kimchi is love :)

So pano, next long weekend ulit *tongue out*.  Be safe everyone!

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