Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kalborgers' Duper Burger

Annyeong chinggus! (Hello friends!) *That's me trying really hard to speak the Korean language, hurhur*

It has been ages and I don't think that the few readers/visitors and four (yes, I counted them) followers that I used to have still exist *pouts*, I hope they still visits and take a peak once in a while, so they'll be assured that I haven't left earth yet *grins*.

Anyways, for my comeback post (if I count, this'll be my 1,813 comeback post, hahaha, kidding) let me share a new discovery, Kalborgers (read: Kalbo + burgers) duper burger.  It is as big as a plate, 9 - 10 inches in estimate, comes in a pandesal-like buns and is filled to the brim with coleslaw, cucumber and tomato slices, mustard, cheese and a thick beef patty.  You have to shed 140 pesos to have a taste but even just for the heck of it, I say, it's worth it.

Kalborgers have a kiosk at the Malabon Public Market, you can easily spot it, in case you wanna try.

*** I am in no way related to the said burger chain, if I am, I would have blogged about it ages ago *smirk*.

Let's all have a wonderful June!


  1. It's really tasty and big! I love it!

  2. ^^That's what she said.

  3. totoong napaka sarap nyan! grabe ung patty & buns ang linamnam , good for five pa :D sulit for 140 pesos

  4. I already taste it last night.. YUMMY!!

  5. Annyeonghaseyo! Pde ko ba mahingi ang ingr.? Hehehe gomawo chingu ^^


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