Tuesday, June 4, 2013

KFC Break

Obvious naman po siguro na late post din ito, I think, the 2nd photo (KFC BBQ Rods) is not on the menu anymore *grins*.

Anyways, husband and I had these when we attended the anti-bullying seminar in our son's school, hmm, a year or so ago, hur! Sabi ko sa inyo super late post din ito eh :)

KFC Snack Box

KFC Barbecue Rods w/ Java Rice

KFC Classic Chicken Burger w/ Fries
I have always been a fan of KFC, I tend to lean on their side whatever new stuff they introduce in the market, yeah I am bias like that, well except for that shrimp thingy, it's so forgettable, I can't remember what it was called *tongue out*.

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