Friday, May 31, 2013

Late Post: Granny's Birthday

Warning:  Another super late post :)

We celebrated granny's birthday with lots of food, she's in heaven but I know that she's always with us in spirit, she could even be sampling our feast from time to time *grins*.

Seafood Rice
Shrimp Pasta
Pancit Malabon
Grilled Pork (for the Samgyupsal)
Lettuce (for the Samgyupsal)
Buttered Garlic Prawns
Relyenong Pusit
Beef Barbecue
Camaron Rebosado
Roasted Chicken
Hotdogs on Stick
Strawberry Cake
Ice Cream
Jelly Salad
Coffee Jelly
And to answer your question before you even had the audacity to ask, yup, I came from a clan of food lovers (who always try their best to go on diet to no avail) *tongue out*.

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