Wednesday, June 19, 2013

KFC Streetwise Bucket Meal

KFC Streetwise Bucket Meal cost a peso less than 400, it has 6 pieces fried chicken (you can opt for the original recipe or hot and crispy or mix), 3 side dishes (ours were coleslaw, mashed potato, crispy fries), 3 glasses of soda, 3 servings of rice and two cups of their famous and ever-delectable gravy.  We also had an order of bucket of fries and extra rice, you know, for mah boys *grins*.

Father and son fetched me from work and treat me to a last before-classes-starts dinner date.

Streetwise Bucket Meal

the whole set

bucket of fries
Though I have more to say Kuya Errol is bugging me to no end so I have to be done whether I like it or not, so, tata, till next time :)

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