Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 3 at Work

Note: I don't really care for edited pics (read: I don't have the know how nor the time to do it) so pardon the messy table, ganyan kasi talaga ang mga tables sa PIO-Navotas eh :)

They say that third is a charm, so let's just hope it really is... third birthday celeb, this time for the office friends and colleagues.

Special thanks to Dete Irene, sya nagpakahirap magluto lahat nito.

Steamed Fish 
(fish: aliling, topped with mayonnaise and garnished w/cheese,chopped boiled eggs, onion, carrots, pickles)

Adobong Tahong & Pusit

Adobong Tahong

Adobong Pusit

tinik na lang :)

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