Thursday, October 3, 2013

Despidida sa Balsa

One of the most memorable food trip of my life, I'll always look back and smile remembering this one. This one's supposed to be a send-off dinner for one of our buds who was going to work abroad again, somewhere in Europe I think, but it turned out to be a goodbye dinner which is altogether different from what it was.  It became the last dinner that we can ever share with another friend, a last get-together before she left us.

the menu

It was my first time in Balsa sa Niugan, I heard lots about it but I never had the chance to go before that one time, maybe because I was, unconsciously reserving it for that one moment... a moment that will forever be cherished.

The food and the ambiance was great, the service was good, everything was perfect, though some of our orders didn't make it on our table, the laughter, the stories that were told, the jokes that were thrown more than made up for those little dis-satisfactions.  A night of love, a dinner shared with friends.

Buttered Chicken (1 whole)

Chicharong Bulaklak 

Pancit Lomi

a glimpse of Balsa sa Niugan

another glimpse / half of our balsa

Till our next dinner Ms. Anne :)

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